Brain Optimization

The press is a buzz with what’s good for your brain, what helps you to be more creative, have better memory, sleep better and even think smarter all in quest for greater satisfaction in life. Some of these news items are backed by science, other’s by common sense and yet others are completely, what I call […]

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What’s diet got to do with it?

Is there one diet that’s best for brain health, I mean really rocking’ brain optimization? This is a vast subject as seen from the number of books for sale on Amazon and the number of podcasts on the subject.  There are so  many confounding factors that I believe it basically boils down to one thing: It depends. […]

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Fun and Games

Most discussions centered around the brain are pretty serious! Research tends to focus on and get funded when important brain diseases can be better understood. Indeed, this is important. However, there is also a growing number of studies that are starting to explore how mental functions can be strengthened and how those with outstanding brain […]

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Brain waves…setting a groove

Brain waves…dominantly synchronized electrical impulses from masses of brain cells all communicating amongst themselves. The frequency and amplitude of these electrical signals are the brain waves. These waves shows how active the brain actual is, what state it’s experiencing…sounds almost as if I’m describing a separate living entity outside of ourselves, doesn’t it? These marvelous […]

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Meditation and the brain

Meditation is a vast subject. I include this infographic to draw your attention to the specific brain related benefits of this practice. Be aware that this is just scratching the surface…combining this with brain wave technology is a powerful tool. In this section, I’ll discuss more specifically what this infographic mentions.

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Cognitive Flexibility

Another way of looking at brain optimization is assessing how flexible your thinking is, that is, the ability to shift your thoughts and adapt your behavior in an ever changing environment. In other words, it’s your ability to change from doing a previous task and respond in a skilled way to a new one. We naturally do this, just some of […]

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